Maumee, Ohio Bankruptcy Lawyer Scott France

Maumee Bankruptcy Lawyer Scott France

Welcome! We are experienced bankruptcy lawyers near Maumee, OhioLocated in the popular historic section of downtown Toledo, we are only a short drive down the Anthony Wayne Trail.  We offer free on-site parking and a beautifully renovated office environment for your comfort.  It all starts with your free consultation.

Already well known in the Maumee bankruptcy lawyer community, call us if you are facing foreclosure, garnishment, mounting debts,  repossession, utility shut offs, collections, or other financial stresses. Your fresh start begins here!!

8 Warning Signs: Should I Consider A Bankruptcy Attorney?

  1. France-Law-Group Toledo Ohio AttorneyExperiencing a large wage garnishment
  2. Mounting credit card balances
  3. Just making minimum payments on credit cards
  4. Creditors calling you at work
  5. Received a creditor lawsuit in the mail
  6. Facing a utility shut off.
  7. Rising household stress over finances
  8. Falling behind on car or home payments


Free Consultation. Bankruptcy Attorney. Maumee, Ohio

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Maumee, Ohio  Bankruptcy Lawyer, Scott France, on WTOL Channel 11.

Local bankruptcy lawyer Scott France has appeared multiple times on both WTOL Channel 11 and WUPW Fox Toledo.  (above photo: far right)

Toledo Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorney

Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Attorney near Maumee, Ohio


  • Eliminate medical debt
  • Stop home foreclosures
  • End creditor calls and collections
  • Wipe out mounting credit card debt
  • Stop wage garnishments
  • Claim your fresh start

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