Express Filing Program (Ch. 7)


CHAPTER 7 ATTORNEY fees can be as low as $790 (Reg. price $990, excludes filing fee)

France-Law-GroupFrance Law Group attorneys are well recognized as premier bankruptcy attorneys in Maumee, Ohio. France Law Group is the home of Maumee’s “Express File Bankruptcy.”  If you are ready to start your chapter 7 bankruptcy, we can save you as much as $200 on attorney fees on a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case.


  • File within 2 weeks of consultation
  • Paperwork & all fees due before filing

This incentive program is not for everyone.  Express filing is only for Chapter 7 bankruptcy clients who are ready and able to file within 2 weeks of their confidential and FREE consultation.  The “Express File” program allows clients to save on attorney fees by doing a small portion of theChapter 7 bankruptcy case legwork themselves.  “Express File” clients still receive the same high quality bankruptcy representation that all of our clients expect, while taking advantage of ways to reduce costs.  Express filing is not intended for Chapter 13 clients and is not recommended for complex cases which require lengthy representation. All bankruptcy cases involve attorney fees, a separate filing fee, and a nominal CREDIT COUNSELING expense.  In rare situations, additional fees may apply.

If you can take care of these simple steps, then we can save you $200 on your Chapter 7 case!

  1. Book your FREE CONSULT with our experienced Chapter 7 BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEYS.
  2. Bring your free CREDIT REPORT to your initial consult (
  3. Get $50 discount by depositing an initial retainer at your consult (suggested $200)
  4. Complete your Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing within 2 weeks of your free consultation.
  5. Complete all paperwork 3 days before filing appointment (list given to you at consult)
  6. Pay all attorney fees and filing fees  before filing appointment (cash or check)
  7. Get an extra $150 discount on your Chapter 7 case by timely completing steps 1-6

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Chapter 7 BANKRUPTCY LAWYERS, Maumee, Ohio and Bedford, Michigan

*We are a DEBT RELIEF agency. We help people file for relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

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