Foreclosure Lawyers, Maumee, OH

Foreclosure Lawyers

France Law Group attorneys are well respected in the foreclosure attorney, Maumee, Ohio community. If you have received a Foreclosure Complaint or Summons, then the time to call us is NOW! Many distressed homeowners don’t know that they have a limited amount of time to respond to a foreclosure lawsuit. Failure to provide a timely response may result in a Default Judgment in favor of the mortgage company.


  • Limited time to respond to Complaints
  • Explore mediation options
  • Explore interest rate reductions
  • Explore reduction in monthly payments
  • Is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy appropriate?



We have helped a large number of homeowners through the foreclosure process. Many clients are able to participate in a mediation process and reach a reasonable compromise with their mortgage company. Possible outcomes may include moving the mortgage arrears to the end of the loan or a reduction in your interest rate. Individual results vary, but typically those who seek help sooner have more options.

Don’t waste another minute! Call us today and have an experienced France Law Group attorney in your corner. The initial consultation is FREE. Already well known in the Maumee, Ohio bankruptcy attorney community, France Law Group attorneys are also well respected in the Maumee, Ohio foreclosure attorney community.

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